vendredi 17 mai 2024

Run #7 - Go to Hell hangover run - 02/06/2024

 Run #7, Go to Hell hangover run

Helgoland - 2. June 2024

Héraultics Hashers seem to have a tendency to randomly gather in the weirdest place... so why the Hell not set a trail while there  together?!

The occasion this time is the joint Toulouse and Hamburg hash organised in Helgoland, a tiny island off the coast of Germany. Yes, the boat franzy from our last trail seems to still be there!

Here the info :

When : Sunday June 2nd 2024  at 11:00ish

Where : In front of the Helgoland Youth hostel

On Helgoland, Germany 

Hare : the first person to go to bed on Saturday night

Hashcash : maybe

Facebook event :

mardi 12 mars 2024

Run #6 - Sète Viking Invasion- 01/04/2024

                                      Heraultics Hash House Harriers

Run #6, Sète Viking invasion run

Sète, France - 1. April 2024

It all started with a rumor comming from the north and spread by Dancing Queen, of all those ships gathering in Sète end of March... Hearing that siren call, the local viking hashers couldn´t help but rally more Swedes for a long awaited gathering of the Héraultics H3.

If you checked the date, it will all sound a bit fishy to you, but here is the plan : 

Our hare will set a (rather walking) trail from the train station to a pub in the harbour area. We will have the opportunity to enjoy the last day of maritime festival Escale à Sète, with the tall ships departing on that day.


Here the info :

When : Monday April 1. 2024  at 12:30

Where : In front of Sète Train station

78 Pl. André Cambon, 34200 Sète, France

Hare : John Cleese

Hashcash :Pay as you go

Don´t forget your poissons d´avril! 

Facebook event :

Run report + a few pix

 Once it was confirmed, that the trail was set in Sète, a troup of 9 hashers gathered, arriving from all directions, by train, car, bike... but none by ship, despite the vast majority of them pretending to be vikings... no horns to be seen either, although it turned out afterwards that Ditch Bitch was carrying a shoehorn in her bag the whole time (used as a whip on Little Brother)

What was announced as "a walk from the station to a pub" turned out to be a 9km uphill trail! Yup, never trust the hare.

The pastis drinkstop was much appreciated, the hare, John Cleese, overachieving in providing a fantastic view, live music, and even entertainment for the geocachers amongst us.

Later on though, the hare was charged with not enough fish(hooks) on trail, not a single poisson d'avril. Even the seagulls had to eat pigeons instead of fish on that day! (And yes, that was both disgusting and scary)
Hungjury made 2 virgins come, and they seemed very satisfyed with it.
After a short circle and some shitty singing from I Like your Boobs, the pack staggered down toward the harbour for more beer and food. (And see off those tall ships that were just blocking the view).


lundi 27 décembre 2021

Run#5 - New Year Hangover Helper trail - 01/01/2022


Heraultics Hash House Harriers
Run #5, New Year Hangover Helper trail

Saint Martin de l'Arçon, France - 1. January 2022

Come join us to start the new year!

Walker + Runner's trail, with some bubbles!

When : Saturday 1. January 2022  at 13:00

Where : La Place, village, 34390 Saint Martin de l'Arçon

Hares : Hidden Asset and I Like Your Boobs

Hashcash : 5€

lundi 8 novembre 2021

Run#4 - Lyon away Trail - 21/11/2021


Heraultics Hash House Harriers
Run #4, Lyon's Run

Lyon, Parc de la tête d'Or, France - 21. November 2021

Come join us for a little road trip trail starting in Lyon.

This will be a bit of a hangover trail following the Beaujolais Marathon run the day before, so should be short n flat like your ...

When : Sunday 21. November 2021 at 13:00

Where : Entrance of Parc de la Tête d'Or (Rue des Belges/Rue Tête d'Or) 

Hares : Hidden Asset and I Like Your Boobs

Hashcash : 5€

Let us know if you plan on attending. On On! 

Run report + a few pix
After a quick prelube to the trail ... just a Half-marathon to warm up the day before....

6 fierce  hashers met up at the entrance of Parc de la Tete d'Or (Head, who said head??) in Lyon for the 4th Heraultics H3 trail. 

Parc was beautiful,  

and the "On On" shouted by the pack didn't deter the muggles that much... given the proximity of the local zoo. So of course there were monkeys spotted on trail ...


and this being an Heraultics trail, plenty of 69s, including the now traditional "Check back 69".


Circle was had, accusations made up, and all went home happy and drunk!

On On!

lundi 11 mai 2020

Run #4 - Cap d'Agde - 12/07/2020 - CANCELLED

Our Hares being currently stuck in Sweden, please note that this run is CANCELLED

Sunday July 12th, 2020 - start at 14:00
Location: Cap d'Agde - Plage Richelieu's parking lot ,
Hares: John Cleese + Horny Tail


We run at the beach Plage Richelieu in Cap d’Agde.
(This is NOT a naturist beach)
Assembly at the parking lot Richelieu Ouest :

Bring your own food and drinks for an on-after on the beach.
The hares will provide drink stop, down-downs and snacks for the circle.
Hash cash 5€

Please spread the word, and let us know who’s coming.
On-On and welcome to sunny Languedoc!

John Cleese & Hornytail

samedi 2 mai 2020

Run#3 - St Martin - confinement - 02/05/2020

Heraultics Hash House Harriers
Run #3, Confinement Run

Saint Martin de l'Arçon, France - 2 May 2020

3rd running of the Heraultics H3. A wet one (it never rains in southern France...) with lots of shiggy and greenery, but respecting the 1km radius rule!
Hare : I Like your Boobs

Starting On Up!

Beer Near!! and a fancy Beer Stop mark carved in the rock!

Spring flowers everywhere!!!

Circle :The hare and the one FRB/DFL/everything else!

samedi 4 avril 2020

Run#2 - St Martin - Worldwide Virtual Hash 2020 - 04/04/2020

Heraultics Hash House Harriers
Run #3, Confinement Run

Saint Martin de l'Arçon, France - 4 April 2020

Trail set for the Worldwide Virtual Hash 2020 hash day on Saturday, April 4th, 2020. On On!
Hare : Hidden Asset

After a confusing chalk-talk by an even so confused hare, the lone hasher set off, ... on-up off course!!

Marks where scattered all over the village, letting the locals wonder what the #@# was going on.

Check by the chicken coop... time for a little chicken song? 

 Beer stop was found in the woods.

And after a few more checks and deceiving splits, the On Inn was finally in sight 

Meanwhile, the rest of the Heraultics H3 members were getting loopy on their terrasse... Any beerstop yet??